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Marketing & Brand Positioning Consultant

Lana Hill’s experience as the Creative Director at Walker Hill Digital, franchisee of Key Business Network and social media manager at the biggest broadcast communication company in the USA, makes her the right person to support you with your business goals.

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Elevate your Brand Awareness

Lana is well known in the community for helping small businesses scale faster through lead-generation strategies like referral networking and digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing

Successful businesses have a suite of other professionals supporting them: accountants, financial advisors, business coaches and legal assistance. Lana Hill can join your team as your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), providing advice on everything from in-person impressions, print and digital marketing, branding and building strategic relationships.

Maybe you don’t need a CMO but do need support with your Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing or CRM? Lana and her agency, Walker Hill Digital, is well known for this as well – offering a suite of digital marketing services that time and time again, grow businesses faster!

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If you are looking to connect with local businesses in the Brisbane community, Key Business Network (KBN) may be for you. KBN is a business-to-business networking organisation which has the main purpose of assisting a member to grow their business and/or career. The fundamental philosophy is ‘giving’.

Almost any type of business will benefit from a KBN membership. Our environment is professional, friendly, fun, uplifting and informative. Members often undergo significant personal development through being a member of KBN.

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