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Brand Exposure

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Networking & Personal
Brand Exposure

This program is designed for business professionals looking to elevate their status at work. In order to move from a junior to senior position or be considered for ‘partner,’ your workplace expects you to be able to conduct yourself in certain ways and have your own professional network.

Lana’s sessions are designed to help you fast track your development in these areas.

Although there is a set program to make sure you get the most out of your monthly consulting sessions, Lana adds and eliminates areas as needed for your particular situation.

What’s Included?

  • A 6-month program that will help you:
  • Build a strategic network
  • Design a social media presence that attracts strategic partners and clients
  • Make lasting impressions with your speaking engagements and networking events
  • Give you the skills to give and get quality referrals


month one


1.5 Hour Discovery Session

  • Documented Strategy & Goals
  • Networking
    - Social media presence
    - Speaking & appearance
    - Strategic relationships & referral goals
  • 20 Minute Follow-up Call to discuss Strategy & Goals

month two


1.5 Hour Meeting

  • Networking training
  • Elevator pitch tools & introduction
  • Social media presence training #1

month three


1.5 Hour Meeting

  • Elevator pitch review & presentation training
  • Social media presence training #2
  • Networking training continued

month four


1.5 Hour Meeting

  • Building strategic relationships training
  • Referrals training & referral goal setting session
  • Public speaking training #1

month five


1.5 Hour Meeting

  • Public speaking training #2
  • Strategic relationship & referral review
  • Social media presence training #3 – long term strategy

month six


1.5 Hour Meeting

  • Public speaking training #3
  • Strategic relationship & referral review
  • Strategy & goals for next 6 months

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